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Online Marketing & Communication Specialist

Since 1989, MNP flowers is managing the European rights and is master licensee for all (future) products from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. Every year we select new varieties to introduce them onto the European horticultural market. When we decide to introduce a new variety, we do a lot of promotion. We are searching for a colleague who can support us developing texts (for websites, newsletters, etc.) and maintain our social media platforms.


Job description

For this position you need to be very good in writing (Dutch & English). You will develop and write texts for all our platforms and marketing campaigns. On social media you will focus on our brand awareness, image, findability and knowledge about the organization. This will be mostly online, but also offline via different media channels.


Job responsibilities

  • You will develop and write texts for our different platforms and campaigns.
  • You will maintain and improve our social media platforms.
  • You will support your colleagues where needed by developing appropriate texts.
  • You will analyse the website and social media results and are always searching for ways to improve them.
  • You will responsible for the SEO of our websites and try to improve them.


Job requirements

  • In possession of a bachelor degree toward marketing or communication.
  • Able to write perfect English and Dutch.
  • Be aware of the latest trends & styling.
  • You are a creative and out of the box thinker with a hands on mentality.
  • You have affinity towards plants and flowers.


What we offer:

You get a very flexible position that is yet to define in consultation. The position offers wide variation and challenging work. Besides this you will work in a very pleasant and informal working environment. The working desk has all the requirements you demand.


Do you think you fit the profile and would you like to join our team? Send us an email to and will contact you as soon as possible.

Join our passionate team!


MNP flowers introduces new plants and varieties from Suntory Flowers Europe, among others, onto the European ornamental horticultural market. Breeding takes place in Japan, where an extensive team of plant professionals works passionately on breeding the perfect plant for gardens and balconies worldwide. MNP flowers specialises in specific areas, including selection. We have several selection specialists, who all have in-depth knowledge of the European horticultural market. Together they select plants and varieties that suit this market perfectly. Plants and varieties that are selected are tested extensively at several testing locations. Plants are tested for rain resistance, sturdiness, colour consistency, and so on.

We carry out market research for all the varieties that will be introduced. We investigate who the customer will be and his or her perception of the new product. This is very important for “positioning” the product in the market.

We think about “product naming”, plus the total concept and finally we come to the brand design, which is when we start to create a brand with its own logo, labels, pots, leaflets, website, etc., ready to be marketed!! MNP flowers introduces new varieties three times a year: during the IPM in January, the FlowerTrials® in June and the FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. Business partners can then express an interest in a new crop and decide whether they want to run trials at their own site or add the introduction to their catalogue immediately.

Growers must pay a licence fee for every Suntory Flowers Europe plant. MNP flowers recoups this licence fee to its business partners by creating marketing concepts, arranging free publicity and PR, safeguarding plant quality, etc.