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Granvia® Dark Orange Flame

Granvia® Dark Yellow Flame will amaze you with its changes in colour between when it has half-closed flowers and when it decides to show its intense yellow heart to the world!

Sundaville® Mimi Yellow

Fashionable yellow

The new Sundaville® Mimi Yellow has cute yellow flowers with a distinctive strong dark green foliage. It blooms earlier than the classic collection and has good branching, grows very compact and doesn’t make long straggly stems. Add its high flowering power to this list and you have yourself the perfect Sundaville® in a small pot. Not to mention that it is also performing well outside.

Where Fashion Red is more hanging, Mimi Yellow is more upright growing.

Sundaville® Up Apricot

A soft and gentle stranger

This new Sundaville variety has delicate 7 cm star shaped pale apricot flowers and long and thin oval leaves. It has good branching, blooms very early and has a strong upward growth habit. Sundaville Up Apricot plants are suitable for 12 cm pots with minimal support. Its branches can be trained in a spiral through plant supports when grown in bigger pots.