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Gold winners IPM 2019

WE DID IT AGAIN! Two of our new introductions won a prestigious prize during the IPM neuheitenschaufenster competition last week – the biggest competition in the plant industry.

During this competition the most special, the most innovative and the most distinguishing plants are selected and rewarded. The last 6 years, we won prizes for our products during this worldwide competition and now we are very proud to share our newest GOLD WINNERS with you. Meet Sundaville® MiMi Yellow and Granvia® Gold. Our top-favourite and award winning novelties of 2019!

Sundaville® MiMi Yellow – Gold winner in the category “Sonderpreis” (“Special”)
The new Sundaville® MiMi Yellow has cute yellow flowers with a distinctive strong dark green foliage. It blooms earlier than the classic collection, has a good branching, grows very compact and does not make long vine like stems. Add its high flowering power to this list and you have yourself the perfect Sundaville® in a small pot. Not to mention that it is also performing well outside.

Granvia® Gold – Gold winner in the category “Beet- und balkonpflanzen” (“Bedding & balcony plants”)
Gold, gold and gold again. The Granvia® Gold has remarkable big flowers with an intensely bright yellow gold  colour and a heart that turns orange as pollen appears when the flower gets older. The unique structure of the ‘crispy paper like’ petals will grab your attention straight away. It’s easy to grow, lasts long and blooms early. Insider tip! The flowers can be harvested to use as perfectly dried flowers or fresh potpourri.


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