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Looking back at Future Plant Trends 2022

Let’s take a little step back in time and go back to last week (week 45) to relive together the best moments of Future Plant Trends 2022! For those who missed it, Future Plant Trends 2022 was the first exhibition organised by us, held over four days at the MNP / Suntory plant.

Four days full of meetings, discoveries, photos and new plants to show visitors. The visits were mainly concentrated on the two central days of Tuesday and Wednesday, the busiest by far. Many groups visited us who were interested in the new (but also older!) varieties, so there were long and very interesting chats.

We also asked our visitors for their honest opinion on our marketing and communication tools, such as our magazines and catalogues, because of the new year coming. By the way! It would be great to get your opinion as well! Let us know what you would like to find in the 2023 version of our must-have magazine. Tell us here. Any food for thought and inspiration is always welcome!

But let’s move on to the focus of the talk – which products did our visitors admire? Spectacular photos follow, so scroll down!

Let’s start with the juiciest news: Sundaville® has a new member and her name is Double Blush Pink. The world’s first double-flowered Mandevilla.

Why do we say that? Because this variety is stable, it flowers easily with several buds on the same stem and grows vigorously and bushy. You can already find out all about her on her dedicated page. If you would like to be among the first to try her, don’t hesitate to contact us. Availability is extremely limited for the moment, but we already know what potential success this new variety may have!

Are you ready to be part of the floriculture revolution?!

Besides, the season allows us to do so as Christmas is less than 40 days away! Our Poinsettias are back to colour the garden centres’ shelves and our show. So space is made for the Princettia® Pearl (white), Pink, Hot Pink, Ultra Pink and a brand new arrival. The Princettia® Hot Pink Glitter is a much-needed novelty that is a sight for sore eyes!

Then we could not miss our bestseller Granvia®, with the new Red and Dark Orange flames. They are insane for anyone who wants to have a landscape that is well cared for and pleasing to the eyes. What we can say as plant pioneers is that you absolutely must not miss Granvia® among the must-haves for spring.

Besides these many Surdiva® in the new Compact Pink and Lilac varieties, but also many experimental plants that we cannot show you in photos yet, unfortunately. But if we have succeeded in arousing your curiosity, you can contact us and book an appointment with one of the plant pioneers!

And now enjoy some beautiful pictures.

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