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Sustainability is a value and concept increasingly entering our daily lives at MNP / Suntory. 

When you organise a trade fair, whatever the scale, you use many materials, packaging and otherwise. These include promotional flyers, magazines and catalogues for the current year, and business cards are necessary for a good marketing team to make the company known and later recognised. Moreover, the catalogue is not only something professionals draw on to see your offer. Still, it is an important business card to leave a good impression of the company on the visitor. Some even interpret the printed catalogue as a gift the company is giving its customer, aware of the work behind it and the economic value of such an object.

When we were planning all the material to be taken to IPM Essen 2023 in January, the marketing team at MNP thought ‘is this still the way in 2023?’ Copies upon copies, pages upon pages, kilograms upon kilograms of paper that visitors also have to carry with them, for four days of the fair. Four days (or more) are long and demanding and often the journey does not just end on the premises, there are intercontinental flights to contend with, sometimes with small luggage. They also think about our commercial Japanese partners, travelling around Europe just for that occasion.

They came up with this reasoning: to give even more value to what we print at our company, thinking about the environment and the consumer/user of the catalogue together.

We came up with a fairly innovative idea: a pocket-sized version of a guidebook that balances paper and digital. A small medium of only 8 pages that contains all the topics of interest to us.

Said Erwin, Head of Marketing, Communication & Trade at MNP.

1. A purpose: to lower our footprint on the planet, save space and back pain for the reader

2. direct links to the website, specific product pages, in-depth videos, commercial videos, networking channels such as Linkedin and other socials and finally our new newsletter. Everything can be consulted online, with photographs that do not risk being grainy, but it is all optimised for the device we always hold in our hands, the smartphone.

By doing this, MNP has printed less paper, favoured electronic devices, used smaller quantities of plastic pots, and recycled. We try to do our part in a world that is now demanding it of us in every way.

What do you think about our new idea of a catalogue/guide? Let us know!