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Sundaville® Up Scarlet

“The sky is the limit”

Sundaville Up Scarlet has elegant 7 cm star shaped scarlet red flowers and long and thin oval leaves. It blooms very early, has good branching and a strong upward growth habit. Sundaville Up Scarlet plants are suitable for 12 cm pots with minimal support. Its branches can be trained in a spiral through plant supports when grown in bigger pots. This variety is a real food lover and therefore requires slightly more feeding.

Sundaville® MiMi Pink

Bright and Bubbly
We know you were waiting for MiMi in Pink! So here it is. Bright and bubbly, just like you would expect. She is a little sun worshipper and doesn’t require a lot of water. She’s a perfectly mounding MiMi and fits perfectly on any garden table. It’s going to be a lazy summer with this pink lady in your garden.