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“When you always deliver work at a leading level, you sometimes don’t see how exceptional that is. Now is the time to let the world see our major impact on floriculture with our products, brands and incomparable strength. Our new motto: Stay critical and modest, but talk about what you’ve achieved more often. Join the debate and take the people into the future. And show how visionary we are by nature.”

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MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022

Through the export and trade in Japan with Keisei Rose Nurseries, in 1987 we came in contact with the company Suntory®, which was mainly known for its whiskeys, liqueurs, beers and soft drinks, but they also had a small plant breeding section…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022
House of brands

To implement the new push-pull strategy efficiently and effectively, we developed a totally new corporate “house of brands”’ proposition, in order to reposition us for better recognizability, memorability and therefore a higher brand value…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022
Tone of voice

For our researchers, product developers and specialists, it’s sometimes difficult to explain exactly what they do. We often work on particularly complex matters, with unique technologies and a great foresight into the future…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022
Corner badge

The corner badge is the ultimate usage for the house of brands badge. It can be used in all single branding catalogues or commercial communication in accordance with the colours and the styles of each brand…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022
Badge illustrations

As you can see above, there are multiple possibilities to use ‘the plant pioneers badge’. For example, to communicate novelties or news in the single branding communication, or our trademarks can be mixed with our wordmark on a single…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022

All our primary colours derive from green nuances to underline our link to nature and earth. The different shades of Pantone are well suited for use on the web and printed paper without losing brightness. Secondary colours are linked to our relationship…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022
Image use

High resolution pictures from the MNP / Suntory facilities. Pictures with a lot of depth and imagination power. It should be radiate innovation, attention to detail, care for the premises and gardens. And everything has to be clean, neat and tidy…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022

You can have an overview of the style on the stationary looking above and at the right. We’ve projected a frontside 85 x 55 mm and two options for the backside. Choose the one that best fits with your project. To guarantee the correct placement of all the…

MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022

For horizontal or vertical big dimension posters, there are lots of possibilities! Above and right you can see three of them: the combination between the tagline and the badge, the badge on a dark background and the badge on a picture…

The plant pioneers


Having a strong corporate branding allows us to be more recognizable and visible throughout the entire supply chain and stakeholders, but also for internal and employer branding purposes. In doing so, we have also updated our communication strategy (, to reach out not only to propagators and growers as we did but also to exporters, wholesale, (online) retail and even consumers. Eventually, we can market our future genetics faster and more efficiently. Says Erwin Giezen – Head Marketing, Communications & Trade.

Our licensees


To be successful as a breeder we need to bring the plants to the people. Of course, we can’t do this alone! That’s why we see every company in the supply chain as a stakeholder. Every link within it is equally important. Therefore, we’re incredibly proud and grateful that we have already worked, for over 30 years, with the largest and most distinguished propagators & growers worldwide.