Since 1888



Kweekerij Moerheim

Bonne Ruys established Kweekerij Moerheim on 15 March 1888 (22 years). The name “Moerheim” refers to his elderly home in Dedemsvaart. In 1888, the popularity of perennials grew, and Moerheim became one of the largest growers of perennial plants.


Huize Moerheim | MNP / Suntory - Huize Moerheim - Dedemsvaart


Nursery Moerheim | MNP / Suntory

Moerheim Catalogue 1938. Colour-plates (and cover) after paintings by Esther Niedermeier Bartning 1906 – 1987

Koninklijke Kweekerij Moerheim

In 1904, on August 31, the Moerheim nursery was allowed to use the title of purveyor to the Royal Household. The nursery had made deliveries to the Royal Gardens of Soestdijk and Het Loo. So from now on, they could call themselves “Koninklijke Kweekerij Moerheim” (Royal Nursery Moerheim)
Je Maintiendrai | MNP / suntory

Koninklijke Kweekerij Moerheim, Royal warrant of appointment

100 years later

Breeding Surfinia®

In 1987, Suntory®, a Japanese company famous for its whisky, beers, and wines, decided to set up a flower division: Suntory® Flowers Ltd. The reason is their discovery of a new Petunia variety with great growing and flowering characteristics. Suntory® decides to plant the Petunias for testing next to the rose fields.

At the same time, MNP / Suntory is busy making professional connections with foreign companies. Through these connections, they hear about the steps that Suntory® is taking in the horticultural market. MNP / Suntory sees potential in the new Petunia they have created, and soon, the first conversations between MNP / Suntory and the breeders of Suntory® started.


Surfinia® Hot Pink


Introduction of Surfinia® Purple

MNP / Suntory pitches its European marketing plan for Surfinia® to Suntory® in Japan. MNP / Suntory receives the first Surfinia® cuttings from breeding to testing and selection in the Netherlands. The marketing plan has been approved, and the introduction of Surfinia® in Europe has started. Together, they introduce Surfinia® Purple: the first trailing Petunia produced from cuttings.
Surfinia® | MNP / Suntory

Surfinia® Purple


Foundations for the future

The result of the successful introduction of Surfinia® is a unique cooperation between Suntory® Flowers Ltd. and MNP / Suntory, in which MNP / Suntory obtained the rights for all future products of Suntory® genetics in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa. Soon, Surfinia® became the market leader in the trailing Petunia segment for many years. The rest is history!
Surfinia® Trailing Blue Vein

Trailing Surfinia® Blue Vein in Italy

A million Surfinia®'s sold

Other European licensees like Kientzler, Lazzeri, Boyard, Muller, Four Oaks and Hanson are welcomed into the world of Surfinia®. Surfinia® gets official plant breeder rights and is planted at the Floriade in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). At the end of this year, more than a million Surfinia® were sold in Europe. A real milestone.
Surfinia® | stockfoto | MNP / Suntory

Surfinia® in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Million Bells® & Tapien®

After Surfinia®, other innovations, such as Calibrachoa, were sold under the brand name Million Bells®, and Verbena with trade names including Tapien®. These products have become widely accepted by all trade companies involved in annuals and bedding plants. Approximately 120 million plants of the Suntory varieties are sold throughout Europe annually.

Million Bells®


The early spring bedding plant family

Senetti® varieties thrive in low temperatures and provide high colour impact early in the season with up to 200 flowers per plant. Pericallis Senetti® are available in various vibrant colours, including vivid blues, magentas, violets and stunning bicolours. The plants develop large daisy-like flowers from early spring until summer and are best grown in 25 cm containers. When flowers start to fade, plants can be cut back to bloom again later in the season, extending consumer enjoyment.
Senetti® Blue White XXL

Senetti® Blue White XXL


Starting the Mandevilla revolution with Sundaville®

In 2003, MNP / Suntory and Suntory Flowers Ltd. released a true revolution in the horticultural industry with Sundaville® Red, the first genuinely red Mandevilla, which has excellent branching and rich flowering. Sundaville® is a forceful plant for outdoor use in tubs and baskets. This Mandevilla needs very little water and provides a massive flower show all throughout the summer, making it a low-maintenance, user-friendly plant for every consumer. Sundaville® is, therefore, the No.1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia) on the horticultural market.
Sundaville® Early Scarlet

The revolutionary Sundaville® Early Scarlet


Fashionably late with Surdiva®

The Surdiva® collection is elegant, artistic, and always in style. The fan-shaped flowers on short terminal spikes are distinctive and classy, hinting at Art Deco. Surdiva® is a range of nicely coloured Scaevola, one of the world’s most heat-tolerant bedding plants, making it suitable for low maintenance. It has a mounding, semi-trailing habit with manageable growth and continuous flowering. Hence, the Surdiva collection is highly versatile and has many uses, from ground cover to hanging baskets, pots, and balcony boxes.
Surdiva® Compact Pink

Surdiva® Compact Pink


A new star is born

Princettia®, the compact Euphorbia pulcherrima range, is a premium gift that can be given all year round. It is available in gorgeous shades of pink and bright white varieties, making it the perfect present for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. Princettia® plants are naturally compact with excellent branching and will produce many intensely coloured bracts and dark green leaves. Its resistance to lower temperatures makes the Princettia® assortment perfect for outdoor use in every garden and balcony. Join in the Princettia® experience!

Princettia® Pink


Sales record of 65 million Surfinia®'s

Over 65 million Surfinia® were sold in Europe in one year, and all sales records were broken.

Surfinia® Deep Red


The bee inspired Beedance® brand

The original Beedance® range consists of compact bee & bee-butterfly-attracting Bidens with striking red and yellow colours. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate and can be used as a patio plant, in balcony boxes, hanging baskets and as a bedding plant. There are two Beedance® varieties: Beedance® Painted Red and Beedance® Painted Yellow. Both are irresistible to bees and butterflies, creating biodiversity wherever they are planted. Because of its compact shape, Beedance® is easy to grow and therefore, perfect for modern cultivation. Its strong spreading and trailing habit makes it suitable for many situations, including borders and hanging baskets.
Beedance ® Painted Yellow | MNP / Suntory

Beedance® Painted Red


A revolution: The first real orange Mandevilla

Here it is! The Sundaville® Apricot! The biggest revolution in Mandevilla (Dipladenia) since we introduced the Sundaville® brand. We are talking about the first Classic Sundaville® with a beautiful and exciting new bright orange colour, the Sundaville® Apricot.

Sundaville® Apricot has the same distinctive characteristics as the Sundaville® varieties from the Classic range. It has large, long-lasting, 9 cm apricot-coloured flowers with a darker, orange-yellow heart. It boasts a good branching habit, blooms very early and flowers continuously. Sundaville® Apricot plants are best grown in 15 and 17-cm pots with support.

SUNDAVILLE® Apricot | World's No.1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia)

Sundaville® Apricot


30 years of cooperation

This year (2019), we celebrate 30 years of collaboration between Suntory® Flowers Ltd. and MNP / Suntory. This partnership can be described as a phenomenal success story. With many plant introductions to come over the coming years, you can be sure that we will keep surprising you with stunning and innovative varieties from which we will all benefit. Join us for the next 30 successful years!
MNP / Suntory - Story Brand Book 2022

MNP / Suntory

Matchmaker Sunpuma®

The Sunpuma® collection is the ultimate flowernizer. Pink. Purple. Big or Small. It doesn’t matter which flower, Sunpuma® loves them all. The question is… Dare you to mix it up? Sunpuma® is a range of Ipomoea that grows easily, stays compact and is available early in the season. The plants are suitable for hanging baskets, balcony containers and bedding plants, which can be mixed easily with other plants or flowers. Their attractive, striking foliage turns every garden or balcony into an eye-catching spectacle.
Sunpuma Purple

Sunpuma® Purple


30 years of Surfinia®

MNP/Suntory and Suntory Flowers Ltd are proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Surfinia®. What started as a breakthrough in breeding a perfect trailing Petunia from cuttings has resulted in the world’s best and most widely sold Petunia. It’s no coincidence that trailing Surfinias® are found everywhere. With its strong garden performance, spectacular free flowering habit, and superior weather tolerance, Surfinia® guarantees quality that is still top-tier. Nowadays, the Surfinia® collection has expanded to include very early trailing Petunias and the famous and classic trailing types. By continuously innovating and improving the collection, Surfinia® will remain the world’s top favourite for many years.

MNP / Suntory - Future Plant Trends 2022

Trailing Surfinia®

Supersized crispy Granvia®

The Granvia® collection is an instant mood booster from the very first time you touch it. This collection comprises Xerochrysum (Bracteantha) with significant and long-lasting flowers and a unique crispy texture, reminiscent of thin and delicate paper. While multiple Bracteantha varieties are available in the market, the Granvia® variety stands out for its robustness, better branching, and earlier blooming. Additionally, it is easy to propagate and grow and delivers a strong garden performance.
Granvia® Gold | MNP / Suntory

The crispy Granvia® Gold


20 years of Sundaville®

We are excited and touched to celebrate this important milestone — the first Sundaville® red variety was introduced 20 years ago. Seeing how far we’ve come together with all our stakeholders is incredible. The first time Jeroen Egtberts, our General Director at MNP / Suntory, saw a red Mandevilla in Japan, he was astonished by its beauty and fresh new look. Through the splendid breeding work from Suntory Flowers Ltd in Japan and our ability to test and select the best quality genetics, Sundaville® has become a tremendous and significant product for consumers.



1.500.000.000 Surfinia®'s sold in Europe

MNP / Suntory, the breeding company in Leimuiderbrug, is excited to announce that they have successfully sold 1.5 billion Surfinia® plants in Europe, making the continent more vibrant. Surfinia® Purple, the first trailing Petunia from cuttings, was introduced 32 years ago and has become synonymous with trailing Petunia due to its immense popularity. Klaas Droog, MNP / Suntory’s sales and licence manager, emphasises that every Surfinia® is a Petunia, but not every Petunia is a Surfinia®.

New Surfinia® varieties

The world's first double flowered Mandevilla

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink is a breakthrough in floriculture as it is the first double-flowered Mandevilla to possess the same robust qualities and features as Sundaville® classic varieties. Therefore, it is a safe investment for the future. This unique Mandevilla produces a broader range of pink hues due to a second flower in the centre. Its high-contrast flowers and emerald green leaves make it a stunning visual attraction.

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

FleuroSelect FleuroStar award 2023

The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink has been announced as the 2023 edition FleuroStar Award winner! We discovered this exciting news during a beautiful night organised by FleuroSelect in week 24 during the FlowerTrials event. This is a time to express our gratitude and appreciation for the team behind Sundaville®. With their creativity, capabilities, courage, and hard work, they have established Sundaville® as a triple A-brand in Mandevilla / Dipladenia, known throughout Europe. The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink will surely double everyone’s happiness!

Winners of the FleuroStar award 2023

Through our new corporate branding strategy with MNP / Suntory as a house of brands, we sought to elevate our employer brand and provide a more personalised experience to (future) employees. With the launch of, we have created a platform that showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence while highlighting our team members’ unique stories and inspiring work.


European brand introduction of Soirée® — Your Sweet Besties

Is it a Catharanthus? Is it a Vinca? A periwinkle, perhaps? No… This is the new Soirée®! Your sweet besties are the cutest summer flowers in the world and are exclusively grown from cuttings, which offer sweet advantages. Traditionally crafted by the Dutch/Japanese breeders from Sundaville®, Surfinia®, Senetti®, Princettia®, Beedance®, and many others.