Sundaville® Early Pink

The wait is over! The newest member of the Sundaville® family has finally arrived. The stunning Sundaville® Early Pink, with its bright and luminous pink colour, inspires all who see it. Its vigorous and flower-rich growth reminds us that great things can be achieved with patience and dedication. Just like the Early Pink, we, too, can flourish and reach our full potential.


Sundaville®! World’s No.1 Mandevilla (Dipladenia)

The original Sundaville® range consists of Mandevilla (Dipladenia) with superior and innovative branching and striking colours. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate and can be used as a patio plant, in balcony boxes, in hanging baskets and as a bedding plant.

Appearance and perfect qualities

Many have tried and are still trying, but none have managed to copy the appearance and perfect qualities of Sundaville®. That’s a source of great pride to us. And since there can be only true Sundaville®, we have produced a certificate of authenticity. So buy only the real Sundaville®, the No.1 Mandevilla (diplandenia). They flower longer and need little care.

Different types of presentations

The Sundaville® Mandevilla can be grown and sold in different types of presentations. Some varieties are perfectly suitable for pots with racks and pyramids while others are more suitable for small pots or hanging baskets. You’ll see here which variety is suitable for which kind of presentation.

The sundaville® collection is a tried and tested garden favourite that will be given a refreshing, contemporary marketing boost. Just imagine what that will mean for sales of this plant and for your business! Sundaville® is a guaranteed cash cow for retailers, earning it the position of the market leader in its segment. The annual repurchase rate is 100% – so people who buy Sundaville® always come back for more next summer! We want you to share this phenomenal success. Include Sundaville® in your product range, and you will reap the benefits too.

That’s why we’ll be offering you the very best marketing support, gadgets and products, so that Sundaville® will become your most wanted product too, guaranteed to get buyers coming back for more. We hope that you will be keen to share the one and only true Sundaville® with your customers.

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