Surfinia® Trailing Big Pink

Take a deep breath and dive into a pink carpet of glowing flowers. The new Trailing Surfinia® Big Pink grows compactly in a round shape with flowers at least 8.5 cm large. What is sure to surprise you is the richness and quantity of flowers in just one pot. It cannot go unnoticed.


Trailing collection
For all those who adore Surfinia®, we have great news! Immerse yourself in a stunning pink sea of exquisite flowers with the new Surfinia® Trailing Big Pink. This remarkable new variety is a result of the innovative work of the plant pioneers

at MNP / Suntory. Together with the Trailing Burgundy Yellow Red Picotee, Trailing Big Red, Trailing Hot Pink Cherry and Trailing Lagoon Blue Star, they form the latest trailing additions. They boast unparalleled qualities such as amazing big flowers of at least 8.5 cm, compact growth, and an impressive abundance of flowers you would expect of a true Surfinia®. This summer, the Surfinia® brand celebrates its 1.5 billion sales anniversary in Europe since 1991. That’s why we say Surfinia® is simply the best.

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