Senetti® Hot Pink

This hot pink colour was what was missing from the quintessential early spring collection! Perfect for cold tolerance as a small plant and this promotes compact growth and intensifies the attractive colour in line with this year’s trends.

Delicate and changeable in colour, when the plant is small the flowers have a more intense colour, switching to a pastel pink when the plant reaches the top of its size. Perfect for adorning boxes and balcony pots, this new Senetti® range grows compactly, favoured by cold cultivation without excessive heating (12ºC). This also benefits sustainable cultivation, which encourages growers to save money and devote less energy to cultivation, which also promotes the variety’s strength and durability, furthermore, it doesn’t need any pesticide.

The colour is eye-catching and particularly attractive for the northern European market, with a bright yellow centre and delicate, but overall impressive pink petals. Furthermore, once cut, the flowers will bloom again for a second time. Basically, Senetti® Hot Pink improved is the first jewel to show off in early spring (beginning of March)!


Senetti® is the brand of Pericallis introduced to the market by MNP / Suntory, and its collection boasts more than twenty varieties in the most diverse colours and shades. Added to this spring rainbow is this new variety called Senetti® Hot Pink improved.

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