Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye

New addiction unlocked: Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye is a new must-have in the Mandevilla collection. Super rich in flowering, with multiple buds on the same stem, this beauty is a bushy and multicolour Sundaville®, extremely interesting for the early spring market. In fact, this plant is very early in flowering and very resistant to hot temperatures. Its flowers might seem smaller than other varieties, but the brightness of the red is so powerful! Look at the nice combination with the luminous yellow heart… it will attract all the red lovers.


Sundaville® collection is adaptable and future-proof, making it perfect for growers and consumers. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stunning plant. Once the dry flowers are removed, they bloom again, inspiring hope and growth. The collection has been expanded with a new range of ‘new classics’, marked by the future of the Mandevilla’s world. Discover all the new varieties that make up the world’s most colourful collection!

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