Stardiva® Star Lavender

“Hello, fellow garden enthusiasts! I am Stardiva®, the world’s first Scaevola (aemula) variety with star-shaped flowers. I am not only visually captivating but also the strongest summer plant out there. With just a little water, I can thrive in any weather condition, from rainy and windy to sunny and tropical. No matter where you are in the world, I can brighten up your garden and inspire you to cultivate beauty in all aspects of your life.”


Curious about Stardiva®?
New brand, variety, and revolution for Scaevola (aemula) collection, welcome to the newest Stardiva®. If you are wondering what its unique features are, Stardiva® was born to surprise you. It has several superpowers:
— an infinite multitude of star-shaped flowers genuinely unique to this variety of Scaevola (aemula)
— super resistance and strength
— in heat up to 35º
— cold up to 5º
— resistant to wind and rain, both summer and winter
— It is the perfect Diva to create a small natural habitat in your garden for wildlife, insects, mammals, birds, and amphibians.

The collection
Currently, the collection is composed of 3 unique varieties distinguished by colours. Now is the Star Lavender in the spotlight! This beauty in the garden brings you to a fairytale atmosphere, surrounded by animals and nature. In addition, this variety is the most vigorous of the three, growing densely and with semi-trailing habits.

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