Stardiva® Star White

Hi, garden plant lover. I’m Stardiva®, the first-ever Scaevola (aemula) variety with star-shaped flowers on this planet. Next, I’m the strongest compact flowering summer plant out there. Only water me now and then and I’ll totally rock it. So, no matter the weather. Regardless of the country, place or spot you put me in. From Norway to Spain and from Dublin to Budapest. If it’s rainy, windy, sunny, chilly cold (5°) or tropical hot (35°).


Curious about Stardiva®?
New brand, variety and revolution for Scaevola (aemula) collection, welcome to the newest Stardiva®. If you are wondering which are its unique features, Stardiva® was born to surprise you. It has several superpowers:
– an infinite multitude of star-shaped flowers, truly unique to this variety of Scaevola (aemula)
– super resistance and strength
– in heat up to 35º
– cold up to 5º
– resistant to wind and rain, both summer and winter
– is the perfect Diva to create a real small natural habitat for wildlife in your garden, insects, small mammals, birds and amphibians.

The collection
At the moment the Stardiva® collection is composed of three exciting varieties distinguished (also!) by colour:
Stardiva® Star White is the one you are looking at right now. She is an early spring Star with thin flowers and is very rich in quantity. It has mounding habits, and semi-trailing so is perfect for landscaping and hanging baskets.
Curious about the other two varieties? Let’s find them, they are Stardiva® Star Lavender and Stardiva® Star Blue.

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