Sundaville® Blue (Bluephoria™)

“World’s one and only blue Mandevilla”
Sundaville® Blue (Sun Parasol® Bluephoria) is the world’s first true blue Mandevilla from MNP / Suntory. From a breeding and marketing perspective, this is the best you can get in the world of floriculture today. This is so innovative that we call it the Mandevilla 4.0. It has a classic growth habit with superior and innovative branching, compact growth, and a striking blue-purple colour. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate to be your favourite plant for your patio, in balcony boxes, hanging baskets, or as a bedding plant.

Revolutionary Genetics!
The Sundaville® Blue has superior branching and flower power! Earlier to flower with outstanding, exciting colours like the first yellow-flowered mandevilla Sundaville® Gold (Sun Parasol® Sunbeam), the new Blue (Bluephoria™) with blue/purple flowers starting with pink buds, the new Double Blush Pink, a FleuroStar winner of a true double bloom in pink and the Double Red. All are excellent plants for gardens, containers, and hanging baskets.

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