Sundaville® Bordeaux Red

This new variety is the result of years of dedication and hard work to enhance and improve the classic features of the plant. With the Verona Red and the Topper Red Yellow Eye, it is part of the new collection for 2024 in the world of Sundaville®. Sundaville® Bordeaux Red is bright and glossy with a jagged shape of flowers in an XXL size they are 9.5 cm large. Super attractive!


This eye-catcher is very early in flowering, from March until the end of November, and can resist the hottest summer and copious rains. Like the Classic collection, this new classic is versatile and strong. Suitable even for small pots up to 9 cm, it does not need any effort to grow high and vigorous. Furthermore, its bright red colour does not fade under all the sunlight.

Sundaville® collection is adaptable and future-proof, making it perfect for growers and consumers. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stunning plant. Once the dry flowers are removed, they bloom again, inspiring hope and growth. The collection has been expanded with a new range of ‘new classics’, marked by the future of the Mandevilla’s world. Discover all the new varieties that make up the world’s most colourful collection!

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