Sundaville® Early Soft White

Delicate and soft in its appearance, but extremely strong as a new variety added to the Mandevilla collection. Characterized by a multitude of flowers, it branches very high and vigorously with glossy emerald leaves creating an attractive contrast with the flowers. They are 7,5 cm large and impressively gorgeous in their soft white colour.
This Sundaville® variety is particularly suitable for big pots but it looks great even when combined with other Sundaville® varieties and even more with other species. Just be aware of the small amount of water it needs, and combine it with a strong summer plant as it is.


Sundaville® collection is adaptable and future-proof, making it perfect for growers and consumers alike. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stunning plant. Once the dry flowers are removed, they will bloom again, inspiring hope and growth. Now the collection has been expanded with a new range of ‘new classics’, marked by the future of the Mandevilla’s world. Discover all the new varieties that make up the world’s most colourful collection!

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