MNP / Suntory

Sterkste Schakel Award of the Rijnland region

The Strongest Link Trophy is an award given annually to companies with the strongest consumer orientation.
The main objective of the award is to raise awareness and willingness to create companies, activities and campaigns that can enhance the region’s business activity, to emphasise the importance of making healthy businesses for the economy and employees, and to reward companies with good consumer orientation and a futuristic entrepreneurial spirit.

For the 2023 edition, MNP / Suntory is a candidate for the “International Business” category, among the final 6 finalists.

MNP / Suntory has always been a company that cares about complying with many standards and because of its special position within the supply chain, it cares about the satisfaction of all its customers: growers and licensees, propagators, exporters and finally also the end consumers.

To be among the lucky winners of this award would fill us with pride because it would mean that in such a large and varied sector, in which our company has a special but at the same time crucial role, we have managed to stand out. And it would obviously be an incentive to do even better in the coming years.

The prize is awarded by a specialist jury and members of De Reus Media (publisher of the regional business magazine Rijnstreek Business). Still, it is also in the hands of the public, so you can vote for one industry in the game until Thursday 16 March. So if you like, you can cast your vote for MNP / Suntory as well until Thursday 16th of March at 1 pm.

Thank for your support and wish us good luck!