MNP / Suntory, Surfinia®

Colouring Europe with 1,5 billion Surfinia®

A big thanks to all our Surfinia® lovers

1.500.000.000 SURFINIA®'S SOLD

We are grateful to everyone in the supply chain, the floriculture market, and the environment for being part of this incredible success. The first Surfinia® from cuttings was introduced in 1991 with high expectations and a little scepticism. In the late 1980s, ‘The plant Pioneers’ from MNP / Suntory had a vision. To bring to market a plant with strong unrivalled colours, flowering power and garden performance for consumers. Surfinia® was the very first trailing-Petunia on the market because it was propagated from cuttings qualitatively phenomenal. Surfinia® became the standard and a true consumer favourite in no time.

To this day, Surfinia® is still the only true and best-selling trailing-petunia series worldwide”. And 32 years later, the brand reached an unparalleled milestone by selling its 1.500.000.000th plant in Europe only. The 1.5 billionth Surfinia® was festively presented at the FlowerTrials® to influencer Michael Perry, aka “Mr Plant Geek”, out of the hands of MNP’s CEO and the man behind the success of Surfinia®, Jeroen F. Egtberts. Surfinia® is more than a brand. It has become a colourful European icon. Surfinia® has changed and coloured European street sceneries and how people experience and remember the streets, places, cities and countries they visit.

Mr Paul Jackson knows best


MNP / Suntory, the breeding company based in Leimuiderbrug, proudly announces that they have sold a whopping 1.5 billion Surfinia® plants in Europe, making it more vibrant than ever before. Surfinia® Purple, the first trailing Petunia from cuttings, was introduced 32 years ago and has become synonymous with trailing Petunia due to its immense popularity. Klaas Droog, MNP / Suntory’s sales and license manager, emphasises that every Surfinia® is a Petunia, but not every Petunia is a Surfinia®.

Revival of the trailing Petunia


The pioneers of MNP / Suntory are characterized by recognising trends early, predicting consumers’ buying behaviour and needs in the plant world and responding to them quickly. They believe that trailing plants will be the trend of the near future. Therefore, MNP / Suntory’s breeding program focuses on developing new trailing plants, including trailing Petunias with bright colours, larger flowers, early flowering, disease resistance and varieties with exceptional garden performance. The Surfinia® Trailing Big Red, Trailing Big Pink, Trailing Hot Pink Cherry, Trailing Burgundy Yellow Picotee and the Trailing Lagoon Blue Star are just a few new examples of the plant pioneers breeding excellence. To growers, the call is to seize the opportunity and test them right now.

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