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Double Blush Pink FleuroStar Award winner!

At MNP / Suntory in Leimuiderbrug, we are excited and happy to communicate that our Sundaville® Double Blush Pink is the 2023 edition FleuroStar Award winner! We found it out during a fantastic night organised by FleuroSelect during week 24 when FlowerTrials happened. Now is also the time to be thankful.

First, thanks to the jury which awarded our new variety. Thanks to Fleuroselect for organising a pleasant evening and an accurate presentation. Thanks to the Suntory team flight from Japan to The Netherlands for participating in the FlowerTrials. And in the end, thanks to the entire MNP team, not only the ones in the pictures but everyone every morning arrive in Leimuiderbrug. Mixing creativity, capabilities, courage and hard work, this team has made Sundaville® the triple A-brand in Mandevilla / Dipladenia that everyone knows in Europe. The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink will double everyone’s happiness, for real!

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