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What makes Sundaville® Double a champion?

The Sundaville® Double Blush Pink, created by MNP / Suntory, has completely revolutionised the floriculture industry. Their groundbreaking film, showcased in January, emphasised the importance of keeping up with breeding and marketing trends. During the 2023 FlowerTrials, the Sundaville® Double from Leimuiderbrug was nominated for the ambitious FleuroStar Award, powered by Fleuroselect. This variety secured the award due to its exceptional “Wow factor” and was declared the undisputed champion, much to everyone’s satisfaction. Its unparalleled visual impact and vast commercial potential have made it a hot topic in the industry for the upcoming year. Let’s closely examine what sets this variety apart and makes it a true champion.

1) Sundaville® Double belongs to a VIP family

Sundaville® has an established reputation that precedes it. MNP/Suntory registered the brand 21 years ago in Europe, creating its name and developing its vibrant identity and boho design. This ultimately led to the widespread popularity of Mandevilla/Dipladenia worldwide. Over the years, the brand has expanded its offerings, introducing new varieties that meet the diverse demands of the European market. Sundaville® is part of a breeder that has introduced other highly regarded plant brands, such as Surfinia®, Senetti®, Princettia®, Beedance®, Surdiva®, and more, forming a family of exceptional plant brands.

2) Sundaville® Double is a front runner

Today’s consumers demand convenience, value, and sustainability in their purchases. They expect to be a part of communities that actively contribute to environmental causes. When buying plants, people prioritise products with minimal environmental impact and comprehensive product awareness. Sundaville® varieties surpass all these requirements with their exceptional resistance, drought tolerance, and vibrant trumpet flowers that bloom from summer until the first frost. Sundaville® plants offer customisation in shape and pot size, making them the ideal choice for any grower and buyer. Sundaville® is the ultimate “Power Flower” that fulfils all your needs without compromise.

3) Sundaville® Double is an award winner

The Sundaville® Double has delivered exceptional impact and is a true standout, as evidenced by its recent win of the highly coveted FleuroStar Award for plant breeding. Boasting an abundance of double flowers and glossy, dark emerald green leaves elicited a resounding “Wow!” from all who saw it. As Klaas Droog, aka “Mr Mandevilla” at MNP, noted at the FleuroStar Award Evening, the only risk for buyers of this plant is that it may cause them to fall in love with it. With a panel of over 40+ professionals assessing the contenders, it’s clear that the Sundaville® Double is a top contender in the world of plant breeding.

4) Sundaville® popularity is double as high

With the arrival of spring and summer, gardening enthusiasts can’t resist the allure of the stunning Mandevilla/Dipladenia varieties. As temperatures climb in March, garden centres become inundated with these trumpet-shaped, vividly coloured flowers. Among the available options, Sundaville® sets itself apart with its unparalleled quality and growth characteristics. Competitors’ small plants may remain compact, but Sundaville® continues to thrive and bloom from spring until the first frost! The new Sundaville® Double Blush Pink is a delightful addition to the market, particularly for those who prefer subtle hues. The breeders of MNP / Suntory always push the boundaries of innovation, so anticipate more shapes and colours to follow imminently.

5) Sundaville® brand is known for double quality

Sundaville® celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its brand launch in 2022 and has since introduced unique varieties that have become bestsellers worldwide, including Sundaville® Red, Pink, and Cream Pink. Almost every gardening enthusiast recognises the brand name, often used interchangeably with Mandevilla or Dipladenia. Creating this A-brand aims to establish a higher brand value, leading to reliable quality perception, recognizability, and buyer retention. Developing a longer brand life cycle is crucial to ensure a long and robust business with stable prices throughout the entire supply chain, even during low economic situations or market confidence. Investing in Sundaville® is therefore double attractive.

6) Double genetics are available for everyone

The Sundaville® brand is renowned for its exceptional collaboration strategy within the floricultural industry. The MNP / Suntory team actively seeks partnerships and crosses boundaries to foster growth and innovation. With a rapidly expanding collection, there is a Sundaville® variety or growth type to suit every need. Even if you’re a competitor breeder, propagator, or grower, the team is eagerly open to working together to expand businesses. Waste no time and reach out for a chat over coffee to discuss new genetics and future Sundaville® varieties. Do not hesitate to visit their selection centre in Leimuiderbrug, The Netherlands, as you are always welcome.

Now is the time to double your happiness!

For those seeking the new Double Blush Pink, options for obtaining young plants (rooted cuttings) include reaching out to Lazzeri Giovani piante ARL in Italy or Beekenkamp Plants B.V. in the Netherlands. For (half) finished plants, Beauty Plants in the Netherlands, Floricoltura Cameflor in Italy, Vivero Las Fresas in Spain, and Cultivating Quality Plants/Horticultura Ruiz S.A. in Spain are all viable options. Other propagators and growers will have availability soon. For those interested in other new varieties, such as Sundaville® Gold, Sundaville® Flamingo, and Sundaville® Fashion Pink, contact MNP / Suntory’s plant pioneers.

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