We’re open for a summer of admiring novelties at MNP / Suntory’s Trials & Show Garden 2021

Discover the latest genetics from ‘The Plant Pioneers’

June 14, 2021 | Are you curious about the very latest in bedding plants? Then visit the Trials & Show Garden of MNP / Suntory in Leimuiderbrug. You are welcome to come and admire the latest genetics and an impressive assortment of bedding plants between 14 June and 22 August. Make an appointment online via this link…

Champions of tomorrow

MNP / Suntory welcomes you this summer during the Trials & Show Garden, where they will present their newest genetics and novelties within the existing collections. For example: Mandevilla (Sundaville®), Pericallis (Senetti®), Xerochrysum (Granvia®), Petunia (Surfinia®) and Scaevola (Surdiva®). All collections, varieties and novelties have been selected on the basis of market potential, the latest trends and on the basis of advantages for the various players in the chain. When you visit the Trials & Show Garden, we are very curious about your opinion on these products and you are invited to participate in the selection.

The Plant Pioneers

Always staying ahead, developing innovative products and bringing them to the market, that is what MNP / Suntory excels in. With one of the strongest product portfolios in the ornamental plant sector and numerous successful brands, MNP/Suntory has crowned itself ‘The Plant Pioneers’. Each year they select and test new discoveries, which you can also admire at this year’s Trials & Show Garden. So, do you want to know which products will conquer the floriculture sector in the coming years? Make an appointment at MNP / Suntory and discover with us.

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