Sundaville® 20th anniversary 2022

Sundaville®: a powerful story celebrating 20 years!

What is your first thought when you see a Mandevilla?

If summer, vacation, and chilling time in an exotic place come to your mind, we’ve no doubt you’re thinking about Sundaville®.

But Sundaville® is not just a Mandevilla, Sundaville® is a state of mind! It brings you to sunny villages on the beach, breezed by a soft and gentle wind and wet by crystal clear water. It is a summer feeling that is not going to end because it can be in your garden all year long, blooming from spring to the first frost.

Sundaville® is a Power Flower and this year, we celebrate her 20-year anniversary!


A little bit of History

At MNP / Suntory we are both excited and touched to celebrate this important milestone. The first Sundaville® red variety was introduced already 20 years ago. How incredible is it? And how far we have arrived together with all our stakeholders!

The first time Jeroen Egtberts, our General Director at MNP / Suntory, saw a red Mandevilla in Japan, he was astonished by her beauty and her new and fresh look.

Now, due to the splendid breeding work from Suntory Flowers Ltd in Japan mixed with our ability to test and select the best quality genetics, Sundaville® is now a great and important product for consumers.

New concept: Sundaville® brings you happiness

We get up every morning to bring you happiness! Sundaville® is more than just a plant. It’s a feeling. A passion that we engage in daily.

As a result, we created a flower that reminds everyone of a carefree place, where people can enjoy, relax and dream of endless summers. Sundaville® is a bringer of joy! We bring love and sun in your heart and summer to your mind. With Sundaville® you can create your own sunshine.

Its unique growth and flowering power continue to amaze us every day. Sundaville® will continue to surprise, inspire and connect people in the future. Every day we are working on the day of tomorrow. We create new opportunities and follow the trends closely because Sundaville® is future proof!


The perfect patio plants

You can see a limited (but always huge!) number of varieties but limitless possibilities for your patio or garden: big, small, smaller pots, hanging baskets, table pots, pyramids, for instance… going wherever your imagination can go!

In fact, the words that mostly represent Sundaville® varieties are adaptability and versatility. You couldn’t find a Mandevilla which suits better all your needs and necessities. On you can explore how many possibilities you have!


Exclusive branding & POS materials

Sundaville® is extremely recognisable on shelves, thanks to her brightest colours and peculiar varieties and to the amazing branding work done with this Power Flower!

Coloured and eco-friendly labels are available to everyone who want to expose some Sundaville® in his nursery or gardening shop. Look them up at the Sundaville® website.

Furthermore, there is an extensive online image bank with inspirational images and everything you need for promoting Sundaville® on your own. Discover our amazing database: after creating an account, you can download and use these free of charge, subject to the terms and conditions and mandatory credits when used. Explore & enjoy it at!

To be always updated with Sundaville® novelties and communication follow the Instagram profile @sundaville, if you want you can become an official ambassador of the Power Flower!


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