Sundaville® 20th anniversary 2022
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Sundaville® party: a feast to be told!

Something happened during our FlowerTrials week!
As we previously mentioned through some press releases and on social media, our powerful brand Sundaville® this year is turning 20.

Was there a better occasion than FlowerTrials week to celebrate this new milestone? Absolutely not! In fact, thanks to this event that brought together breeders, growers, propagators, and many other insiders from all over Europe, we had the opportunity to gather all the partners of this glorious project.

How did things go?

Well, if not very well! On Wednesday afternoon, our wooden pavilion, located in front of the beautiful Mandeville beach that we created for the event, hosted all our friends from far and near for a little refreshment, a toast and lots of chats and smiles immortalised by our super photographer.

Before we embarked on the festivities, however, MNP / Suntory managing director Jeroen Egtberts entertained the audience with a short speech of thanks to all the participants.

«Thanks for the work, the interest, the feelings and the motivation to develop day after day this success story».

Said Jeroen Egtberts to Suntory Flowers Ltd, Meilland, Gruppo Padana, Beauty Plants and all the 65 licensees and growers present at the party.

«Thanks for having taken the risk 20 years ago, you have been brave and now you can be sure about the success of a simple plant which makes every consumer proud of taking care of it!».

After a warm round of applause and a heartfelt toast, we presented all Sundaville® partners with a small gift.

In the months leading up to the FlowerTrials, we had a commemorative anniversary coin minted, entirely personalised with the brand name and logo. Those attending the party received a box containing the coin and its certificate of authenticity, along with a personalised letter in which we recalled together the origin and highlights of this beautiful story that goes by the name of Sundaville®.

Now, we are officially ready to lay the foundation for the next twenty and plus years with the next generation of plants!


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