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Are you ready for Dutch Spring Trials 2023?

Propagators, growers, exporters, wholesalers & retailers! Are you ready for the Dutch Spring Trials 2023?

The arrival of spring means for MNP / Suntory to start organizing the first in-house trade fair of the year, the Dutch Spring Trials.
From the 1st to the 4th of May 2023 (week 18) we will host these trials at our location in Leimuiderbrug, The Netherlands.

We are excited to show you an entirely new range of plants.
We have selected them based on technical evidence, and futuristic features which winkle an eye also to the youngest generation of growers. These involve also sustainability, heat resistance and customer orientation in order to satisfy producers (propagators & growers), exporters, buyers (product managers at florists and garden centres) and final consumers.

As a little sneak peek, we can confess the majority of novelties will involve the following brands Surdiva® (Scaevola), Surfinia® (petunia), Granvia®, and Sundaville®. But we have also some surprises in our plan(t)s!

Plant quality is the most valuable aspect to consider during this SpringTrials because they are shown at their top and highest condition. Dutch SpringTrials would be the first occasion of the year to get in touch with the most innovative novelties from several brands. We will even show new breedings to our young plant producers. So do you want to get ahead of the competition? Visit us!

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