Sundaville® Flamingo Pink
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Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is now available

The time has finally come. Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is finally ready to dance in the fresh air! The new variety is now available for propagators, growers, retailers and for end-consumers.

If you are used to the Sundaville® Classics collection characteristics, you would not change your habits because Flamingo Pink is similar in her growing behaviours and branching.

First things first: the special colour. This new Mandevilla is unique in its genre. As the name suggests, the flowers resemble real flamingo feathers thanks to their soft pink colour and some dark pink speckles. The Flamingo Pink blooms in early spring with strong and long branches to the first frost.

If you are a grower or a propagator, we will be happy to invite you to our headquarters to show you the collection and illustrate all the singular features this fresh new plant can offer! Contact us or make a direct appointment with our Sundaville® specialists’ team.

Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is so distinctive that it is immediately recognisable on the shelves: its presence will catch the eyes of all customers because no other plant has such distinctive and characteristic colours. If you don’t have the variety on your shelves, just contact the retailer Beauty Plants.

She looks at her best in 14 cm pots as a tabletop plant. Imagine it on your patio during breezing summer evenings spent with friends and family. It is an easy-peasy plant like all the other Mandevillas, for this reason, they are the consumers’ favourites! The real news is that from now consumers can directly purchase their Flamingo Pink variety (and also others!) from If you are an end consumer and are looking for the right vibes to give your patio, garden, or balcony a beachy, tropical feel, Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is the perfect plant for you.

Don’t forget to discover more about Sundaville® Flamingo Pink on and follow the well-known Instagram profile… you can become an official Sundaville® ambassador!

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