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Future Plant Trends 2022: What can you expect

For those who have not yet realised, the countdown is almost over. Next Monday our in-house tradeshow will start at Leimuiderbrug and we are looking forward to welcoming all our visitors from Monday to Thursday! Enthusiasm is sky-high, many people have already confirmed their attendance and we are preparing everything to make it the best possible experience.

For those who are still undecided, we can try to convince them by saying that it will be possible and extremely easy to combine a visit to Future Plant Trends with the Aalsmeer trade fair because the two locations are very close to each other and getting from one to the other is easy as ever.

Moreover, it will be an opportunity to be inspired by the most popular trends of the moment, from those of the approaching Christmas to the trend colours for next spring. It will be a feast for the eyes!

Finally, we are here to give you a few spoilers regarding our fair. We reveal the stars of the show!

Before we look to the future, let’s look to the coming weeks. It’s finally time for the princesses of winter again. Poinsettias are ready to bring joy and colour again this year! And now the time has also come for Indian Red to join its sisters Hot Pink, Pearl and Pink… what a riot of colour!

It is all very well to celebrate, but it is also good to be able to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in these hard times and to be able to immerse oneself in it with both eyes and mind. That’s why we have prepared a line-up of Scaevola in soft, soothing colours that already make us dream of a warm, elegant spring adorned in Lilac, Snow Blanket and Pink.

To stay on the spring trail, we could not pass up the opportunity to showcase the colour range of our Argyranthemum (Chrysanthemum) with its very large flowers.

The ranges with the letter ‘G’ are not finished! This is an absolute consumer favourite, a versatile plant that appeals to all the senses (except taste, of course)…Granvia®! It engages and upsets, especially to the touch, with its flowers that seem to dry out but instead open and close to the rhythm of day and night. If you haven’t seen all the available varieties yet, you can’t miss out, because the Dark Pink, Dark Orange and Red Flame have nothing to envy from the world-famous Gold.

How can you deny a spot to Europe’s best-known Petunia? New colours, new shapes, same timeless charm as the queen of ornamental plants. Never take it for granted because Surfinia® still has many exciting surprises in store for us… see for yourself!

And finally, we couldn’t fail to include in the show the darling of the tropical summer, which in some parts of Europe is still shining in the sunshine of warmer temperatures. If we were to list all the varieties, a single sheet would not be enough, so you need to know that there will be all the latest introduced varieties, Flamingo Pink, Gold, and Big White, alongside the more classic Early Scalet ones, but… there is a but… Are you sure you really saw everything? Come and have a closer look at FPT 2022! You can’t miss it.

In case we have finally convinced you, register now!

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