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New corporate movie MNP / Suntory

The innovative & trendsetting breeding company refreshes its corporate strategy and visual identity to be future-proof.

After working together for 35 years in breeding, testing, selecting, marketing and licensing innovative bedding plants at a leading level, the company MNP / Suntory, based in Leimuiderbrug since 1989, decided to rebrand its identity with a new corporate distinctiveness which reflects a new strategy and market approach.

«If we look back at our unique heritage which started as Moerheim in 1888 we have already been pioneers in marketing its products since then. Now, almost 135 years later our passion is still to give the world unique and high-quality indoor and outdoor plants which make the modern consumer happy and the world more colourful, as we highlight in the video. Besides that, we always want to create new markets, instead of supplementing existing ones. » Says Erwin Giezen, Head of Marketing, Communication & Trade.

The new slogan “the plant pioneers”, embodies the company’s visionary and entrepreneurial spirit. The coming years will be approached with a new awareness and a proud and outspoken communicative attitude: their new motto is to stay critical and modest but talk more often about milestones and successes achieved.

«To be successful as a breeder we need to bring the plants to the people. We need a proactive and creative market approach for the future, moving the company from a push to a push-pull strategy to broaden our playing field. Our goal is to gradually scale up our well-known trademarks to strong consumer brands. » Continues Erwin Giezen.

To achieve this new purpose, MNP / Suntory created a new house of brands strategy which connects all their power brands like Surfinia®, Sundaville®, Granvia®, Princettia®, Millionbells®, Surdiva®, Senetti® and Beedance® together. With this distinctive proposition, they want to rock the floricultural market by making their brands more visible and recognizable for end consumers who are looking for them displayed in stores.

«Having a strong corporate branding allows us to be more recognizable and visible throughout the entire supply chain and stakeholders, but also for internal and employer branding purposes. In doing so, we have also updated our communication strategy (, to reach out not only to propagators and growers as we did but also to exporters, wholesale, (online) retail and even consumers. Eventually, we can market our future genetics faster and more efficiently. » Says Erwin Giezen.

The new “plant pioneers’ badge” as they call it, is at the heart of their new brand identity. This badge consists of an upper part and lower part representing a greenhouse/laboratory which stands for innovation & trends while the bottom part represents a plant label and stands for the strategic branding & marketing of their products.

If you have questions or want to visit MNP / Suntory to see what is new, get in touch with Erwin Giezen at and do not forget to follow their social media profile @mnpsuntory!

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