Novelties, Princettia®

More Princettia® for everyone!

Undeniably, these plants can now be displayed in European (and over!) garden centers from as early as the end of September until after Christmas. This has undoubtedly been made possible by the exceptional performance of the plant, but also by the introduction of new colours into the market, from white to light pink to unmistakable hot pink.

The introduction of these varieties led to the creation of a completely new market segment, which resulted in Princettia® becoming the pot plant par excellence for the autumn and winter seasons.

How many biases, however, do end consumers suffer on these plants? They are only dedicated to the Christmas period, and they are fragile plants, that need a lot of care to maintain their colours for a long time, and constant uncertainty about how much water they need.

Let’s dispel some of these biases, hoping that they will also be a cue for all garden centers that are concentrating on Princettia® sales on their shelves at this time. Informed traders make consumers informed and more aware of the products they are buying.

Let’s start in order:

– With Princettia® varieties, the best path to take is always the middle way. The soil must be moist but not too wet or dry. Similarly, the darkest rooms in the house should be avoided and indirect light, even better if filtered by a light curtain, should be preferred.

all varieties of Princettia® prefer to be drunk by absorption. We advise consumers to soak the plants for a few minutes and imagine this as their relaxation bath.

– every Princettia® has a long vase life, so consumers can be reassured: if immediately after the Christmas period they should lose their leaves it would be normal. It is part of the life cycle of the plant and is in addition a sustainable aspect. To encourage re-blooming, the plant can be pruned.

And now for some inspiration! Especially for the less classic varieties other than the Christmas Indian Red:

– the compactness of Princettias makes them the perfect plants to adorn the table, a chic touch for those looking for sophistication, and a glamorous touch to liven up the most rustic and simple tables

– cutting a few flowers by arranging them in small glasses or pots with water is not forbidden! Of course, it does not guarantee longevity, but the scenic effect is assured

– to extend the winter look by opting for vibrant Hot Pink Glitter Princettia® and then moving to a Pink Princettia® combined with white and shiny ceramic.

– Princettia® is the perfect gift not only for Christmas but for all new births between December and January!

Do you have any other tips or biases to dispel? We look forward to your opinion in the comments!

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