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IPM Essen 2023 recap, looking for the next appointment!

IPM Essen is the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture and the meeting place for the green industry. It was a pleasure to be there again as an exhibitor after all this time.

Our Sundaville® Double Blush Pink, Flamingo Pink and Granvia® Red Flame were in the spotlight participating in the IPM-Neuheitenschaufenster. Although we, unfortunately, did not take home any awards, we are pleased to have had the opportunity to join in with our most recent introductions. Of course, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winning companies, our most sincere congratulations!

It is often underestimated how fruitful participation in such events is. Not only in terms of business, but enriching from every point of view a professional can take into account.
For this reason, we are looking forward to hosting the next appointment this year.
We are talking about the Dutch Spring Trials 2023 that we will be held at our location in Leimuiderbrug. A space will be entirely dedicated to the novelties of the spring. We will take advantage of the good weather (we hope!) to show all the plants in bloom, the novelties for summer and the new colours in trend for the hottest season of the year.

But before we go in this direction, we need your opinion. If you have visited our booth at the IPM you will know what innovations and changes we have implemented. So what did you like as visitors? And even more, where do we still need to improve?

Any kind of comment, even a negative one, if made respectfully and politely, is welcome! We not only like to grow plants and farmers’ wishes but also grow professionally every day. In order to always go further in what we do, we need industrious hands, but also big and attentive ears to always do better.
Thank you in advance!

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