Pantone color of the year 2023 - Viva Magenta - Senetti
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Embrace the unconventional with Senetti® Purper Red Halo and the new Pantone® colour for 2023, Viva Magenta (18-1750).

Every year one waits with trepidation for the last weeks of December to finally unveil the colour that, according to the Pantone Institute, will characterise the world of fashion, design, accessories and, of course, floriculture.

Well, this year it will be the turn of the futuristic colour Viva Magenta. Not a red, not a purple, but a journey into the possibilities of a future that is all in our hands. As Senetti® Pericallis we could not be happier, as one of the newest varieties we have introduced is this crazy beautiful colour!

It is Senetti® Purper Red White Halo. So particular to seem painted… but it is not! The bright and special combination of colours characterised the most famous spring pot plant Pericallis. As Pantone Institute® explained, the Viva Magenta colour is a new way to embrace the unconventional. And what is more unconventional than a double-coloured Senetti® with a perfectly drawn halo in its heart?!

This plant grows dense and compact with amazing flowering ability. The medium size of flowers allows everyone to better enjoy the amazing colour combination and the unique and special heart.

Of course, Purper Red White Halo is not the only one! The collection is vast and original in colours and flower sizes, like the Senetti® Blue White XXL, which combines large-size flowers with compact growing. But also other colours, such as Senetti® Super Blue and Senetti® White Red Eye, just to mention the newest introduced.

For sure having chosen to start production of Senetti® Purper Red White Halo for spring 2023 may prove to be more than successful, not least because Viva Magenta has been voted colour of the year by Pantone! Have you ordered your production in time? Let us know!

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