MNP / Suntory

MNP / Suntory launches inspiring animation movie

The well-known ornamental plant breeder MNP / Suntory has launched a new film explaining through animations how they, since 1989, every year with a unique business philosophy, develop the newest, extraordinary and sustainable varieties and brands for the European floricultural market.

If you are a plant lover, you probably know the brands Surfinia®, Senetti®, Princettia®, Beedance®, Surdiva® or the well-known Mandevilla’s with the name Sundaville®. Did you know that these brands are all direct relatives? These quality products you can buy annually at your garden centre, hardware store, supermarket or florist have all been developed by the same plant pioneers from MNP / Suntory from Leimuiderbrug. Interesting, huh? But how do they do that? You can now see, in this nice explanation animation.

How things work in floriculture is quite complex, so keep your attention. But is it all still going too fast? Then watch it again! The pioneers of MNP / Suntory wish you much viewing pleasure.


Effectively explaining how things are done at this breeder is quite complex due to the long floriculture chain. That’s why ‘the plant pioneers’ of MNP / Suntory decided to make a short animation film in which the plants are the main characters! Through a simplified and funny story, a small Sundaville® cutting makes the unique journey from Japan to the Netherlands, through expert hands and under the watchful eye of true pioneers, through laboratories, through creative marketing and communication ideas and into the spotlight of international exhibitions. How much time passes between the moment of selection and the birth of a new brand? You will find all the answers in this fun and accessible animation. Would you like to know more about MNP / Suntory? They have a colourful website that is always up-to-date and searchable, where you can find all their products.

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