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The Japanese State Minister of Agriculture visit

What an amazing opportunity to welcome the Japanese State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Nonaka Atsushi and his delegation at our headquarters in Leimuiderbrug. 

The delegation visited our premises with great enthusiasm and curiosity. There was no shortage of questions and interest in our business model – after all, you don’t find many such unique companies! 

Just as it is not every day that you receive a minister in your offices. We must admit that emotion and fervour were felt throughout the day, but the visit was indeed a success. 

We welcomed the delegation and the minister to our offices on Tuesday afternoon with a presentation led by our Head of Marketing, Communication & Trade Erwin Giezen. Naturally, the first question we were asked was about how the paths of Moerheim New Plants and Suntory Flowers crossed more than 35 years ago and have never split again. 

Something we always like to recount with immense pride and passion! So Erwin told them about MNP / Suntory history right after showing them our new corporate movie

The delegation then took advantage of the beautiful summer day to also visit our greenhouse and outdoor patio, where our plants are tested and selected. The minister showed particular enthusiasm for the new colours of Granvia® … the straw flowers amused him greatly! But he also had a keen eye for Surfinia® and some calibrachoa, the same ones he saw on the internet on the most famous bridges in The Netherlands! 

We are extremely proud that the delegation fully grasped the values the company stands for: innovation, future-oriented and respect for the relationships we have built over all these years. 

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