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Welcome to the second edition of our autumn in-house trade fair. Future Plant Trends was born in 2022 at the plant pioneers’ selection & experience centre in Leimuiderbrug from an original idea: be different and unique. As the product we develop and bring to the market, we have created an innovative concept of a trade fair where you can find products, inspiration, and room for developing new businesses.

Don’t stay behind! Would you like more differentiation in pot & bedding plants? Do you want high-quality plants that are really different, trendy, sell quickly and amaze you? Do you want products with the best customer satisfaction, highest loyalty & retention rates?

Then visit the Future Plant Trends and see, feel, experience and select what is super hot from our breeding laboratories. Come straight to the source. Become a pioneer and stay ahead of your challengers.

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Combine your visit. You can easily combine your visit to the ‘Trade Fair Aalsmeer‘ in week 45 with a visit to ‘Future Plant Trends 2023. From Aalsmeer or Schiphol Airport, it is only a 15-minute drive to MNP / Suntory in Leimuiderbrug!

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    Date (week 45, 2023): 
    Mon 6th of November
    Tue 7th of November
    Wed 8th of November
    Thu 9th of November

    09:00 – 16:00
    09:00 – 16:00
    09:00 – 16:00
    09:00 – 16:00

    MNP / Suntory,
    Weteringweg 3a,
    2155 MV, Leimuiderbrug
    The Netherlands

    What’s in it for you?!


    As a product, category and sales manager, we know that you sometimes want to stay under the radar. And you don’t have to take our word for it. But it’s time to step out of the shadows and start thinking like a pioneer, searching for future trends and bestsellers with the highest and fastest turnover. Select your companies, the champions of tomorrow, today, before your challengers do!

    As you may know, we are a quirky company. And we like to think outside the box. With our unique view and our unparalleled and in-depth knowledge of the complete supply chain, we know all the ins and outs. We offer you our tailor-made support, technical recommendations and business contacts. In addition, we can talk about availability, set up tests or arrange test materials for you. We’d like to introduce you to the latest products and be a connecting factor. Just ask, and we’re here to support you!

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    As a breeder, we are beginning the supply chain (see above). It is not likely, but it is possible that you have never heard of us and know what we do. After all, you can’t love us if you don’t know us. But you may already buy and sell our power brands (see below) without knowing it?! Maybe you are already a plant pioneer, after all?!

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    Our passion =


    As pioneers, we create new markets rather than complement existing ones. How do we do this? We sell our genetics as widely as possible under license to propagators, which means that anyone can become our customer (license holder). This allows us to focus entirely on breeding and effective brand marketing. And we can market our genetics (years) earlier than other breeders. You may already know some brands, but do you know they all come from the plant pioneers, MNP / Suntory? We call it our ‘house of plant brands’. Discover the ones you don’t know yet, or make a deeper acquaintance with the most famous!

    MNP / Suntory - Power brands

    The world’s


    To be successful, we must bring the plants to the people. Of course, we can’t do this alone! That is why we see every company in the supply chain as a stakeholder. Every link in it is equally important. That is why we are incredibly proud and grateful to work with the largest and most prominent propagators & growers worldwide for over 30 years. Contact us to know where to order the young plants you need!

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    The plant pioneers


    Trials & showgarden


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