FlowerTrials® 2022 throwback

FlowerTrials 2022 recap! Who remembers? ! Although everything was so beautiful that it would remain indelibly in your minds, maybe you want to relive this event again? Or maybe for some odd reason you did not visit us? Don’t worry here is your chance to get a glimpse of how it looked like and what you maybe missed out. Check the pictures below to relive this incredible week, the FlowerTrials® 2022 and make sure to visit next year for sure!

We had the opportunity to show all our novelties, starting from the new Trailing Petunias, our Surfinia® Blue Lagoon Star and White Morn. To the wider collection of Granvia®, which is now enlarged with the Red Flame, Dark Pink Flame, Pink Flame improved (the original Pink Flame won the first prize at Glee in 2021) and the loved and well-known Gold Flame.

Who remembers the pink beach surrounded by crazy pink flamingos? This was the scenery dedicated to our powerful Mandevilla brand, Sundaville® and its 20th-anniversary celebration! The beach was full of Mandevilla classics, but also new ones such as Flamingo Pink, Big White and Early Pink. An incredible yellow shade was brought by the latest Sundaville® Gold, the sunniest and brightest yellow Mandevilla ever seen next to the already famous Lemon colour.

With the four great days we experienced only three months ago, we had the opportunity to meet people again and talk to each other without a screen. That is why we have created new opportunities to meet and welcome visitors to our headquarters in Leimuiderbrug.

In fact, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to our in-house exhibition in week 45 (November 7,8,9 & 10). Our doors will be open for all visitors who would like to take a closer look at the most exciting new products, just to say hello and have a chat together. The event will be called Future Plant Trends 2022 and will be memorable precisely because of the stars we will be unveiling for the first time.
You can already register.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the best pictures from the FlowerTrials® in June!

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