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Hi welcome. Below, you’ll find MNP / Suntory products, rooted cuttings or unrooted cuttings, and (half) finished plants that this licensee sells at this moment. Please contact us for actual amounts and availability.

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Surfinia® Trailing Blue Vein

Surfinia® Trailing Lagoon Blue Star

Surfinia® Trailing Hot Pink Cherry

Granvia® Old Pink Flame Compact

Soirée™ Cerise White Eye

Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Sundaville® Flamingo Pink

Surfinia® Dark Yellow Morn

Senetti® Hot Pink

Surdiva® Lilac

Granvia® Dark Orange Flame

Surdiva® Snow Blanket

Granvia® Red Flame

Surfinia® Trailing Burgundy Yellow Picotee

Soirée™ Pink White Eye

Senetti® Red Orange

Senetti® Purper Red White Halo

Senetti® Bright Carmine

Sundaville® Double Blush Pink

Stardiva® Star Blue

Surfinia® Trailing Big Red

Granvia® Dark Pink Flame

Soirée™ Light Pink Dark Eye

Sundaville® Early Soft White

Soirée™ White

Stardiva® Star White

Sundaville® Fashion Pink

Senetti® White Red Heart

Sundaville® Early Pink

Sundaville® Bordeaux Red

Surdiva® Pink Compact

Princettia® Hot Pink Glitter

Surfinia® Trailing Big Pink

Sundaville® Big White

Sundaville® Gold

Stardiva® Star Lavender

Granvia® White

Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye

Sundaville® Verona Red

Soirée™ Hot Pink