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Hi welcome. Below, you’ll find MNP / Suntory products, rooted cuttings or unrooted cuttings, and (half) finished plants that this licensee sells at this moment. Please contact us for actual amounts and availability.

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Grandaisy® Gold

Granvia® Dark Pink Flame

Granvia® Red Flame

Sunpuma® Purple

Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Surfinia® Trailing Violet

Surfinia® White Morn

Lofos® Compact White

Lofos® Compact Pink

Million Bells® Trailing Blue

Million Bells® Trailing Fuchsia

Million Bells® Trailing Yellow

Surfinia® Blue

Surfinia® Blue Vein

Surfinia® Burgundy

Surfinia® Deep Red

Surfinia® Giant Blue

Surfinia® Giant Purple

Surfinia® Coral Morn

Surfinia® Heavenly Blue

Surfinia® Hot Pink

Surfinia® Hot Red

Surfinia® Lime

Surfinia® Pink Vein

Surfinia® Purple

Surfinia® Red

Surfinia® Rose Vein

Surfinia® Sky Blue

Surfinia® Sweet Pink

Surfinia® Velvet Blue

Surfinia® Violet

Surfinia® White

Surfinia® Yellow

Surfinia® Amethyst

Surfinia® Double White

Surfinia® Double Lilac

Surfinia® Double Pink

Surfinia® Double Red

Surfinia® Double Blue Star

Surfinia® Impulz Yellow

Surfinia® Impulz Red

Surfinia® Impulz Picotee Purple

Surfinia® Table White

Surfinia® Table Salmon Vein

Surfinia® Table Dark Red

Surfinia® Sumo Rose

Senetti® Blue White XXL

Senetti® White

Senetti® Lavender

Senetti® Magic Blue

Senetti® Magic Salmon

Senetti® Pink Bicolor

Senetti® Ruby Red

Senetti® Red

Senetti® Magenta Bicolor

Senetti® Magenta

Senetti® Grape

Senetti® Violet Bicolor

Senetti® Violet

Senetti® Blue Bicolor ’15

Senetti® Deep Blue

Sunpuma® Black Tone

Sundaville® White (improved)

Sundaville® Pink

Sundaville® Red

Sundaville® Cream Pink

Suntory® Mecardonia Early Yellow

Surdaisy® impr. White 17

Surdiva® Blue

Surdiva® Deep Violet Blue

Surdiva® White ’19

Temari® Red

Temari® Blue

Temari® Coral Pink

Tapien® Violet