MNP / Suntory

Covid-19 measures at MNP / Suntory

The Covid-19 crisis affects everyone within the floriculture sector. MNP / Suntory would therefore like to inform you about which guidelines we follow. The health of our customers and employees is paramount. This means that we adhere to the advice, measures and guidelines of the RIVM and the national government.

The following measures apply to MNP / Suntory:

  • Appointments outside the door have been cancelled or are being kept digitally
  • Our office is closed to visitors unless an appointment has been made
  • We use full travel stop for business travellers
  • Extra cleaning work
  • A disinfection spray is available at every entrance, which all employees and visitors must use
  • Most employees work from home
  • The employees who work in the office have their own office space
  • In the office, the employees keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters form each other
  • The lunch breaks are divided into block of time
  • Employees with minor health complaints or symptoms stay at home


This year it is unfortunately not possible to attend various events. We were really excited for IPM 2020. We couldn’t wait to show you what we had in store for you this year but we have decided not to participate in this event due to the current Covid-19 circumstances. Unfortunately, we also have to miss Myplant & Garden in Italy this year. All stakeholders have received an email from us in which we indicate not to attend these events.

We look forward to being able to attend events again and see everyone again.

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