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Our database, completely renewed!

Many of you are already familiar with our current database. From October 1, 2020 we will switch to a new “Brand asset library”. This brand asset library has been completely renewed with the most recent images and artwork of our products.

We aim to present our brand in a 360 º marketing manner. We believe that if we do so, the product recognizability, product appreciation, price steadiness throughout the chain increases. And therefore brand-lifetime.

The database contains several (high-res) images, logos, labels, POS Materials and artwork that can be used for promotion or other commercial purposes to boost your sales. The digital market is getting bigger. A reliable product photo is crucial.

The library can be used by propagators, growers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, press, bloggers, etc. If you want to use the brand asset library, you can create an account here. After creating an account, the administrator will receive a notification and will grant you access to the library where your journey begins.

Check our database here: 

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