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Surdiva® Compact Pink

This year we welcome into Surdiva® Collection a new icon. As the name says, Surdiva® Compact Pink has smaller size and shape if compared to a Classic one, but same elegance and style.

Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Surdiva® Fashion Pink has a unique dark pink colour which is even more enhanced by its darker green foliage and strong flowering power. A wonderful colour punch in your garden!

Surdiva® Lilac

When Art Deco meets modern fashion Surdiva® Lilac comes up! More fan-shaped flowers in a new and particular colour.

Surdiva® Deep Violet Blue

Colourful statement

The luxurious and intense blue colour of Surdiva® Deep Violet Blue makes it a powerful eye-catcher in your garden. A striking Scaevola variety that looks beautiful in hanging baskets, pots, beds and borders.

Surdiva® Light Blue

Elegance never goes out of style

Surdiva® Light Blue displays delicate light lavender-blue flowers nonstop all summer long. The small, fan-like flowers bloom in clusters and have an elegant and dazzling effect in your garden.

Surdiva® Salmon Pink

Feminine. Romantic. Classy

The gentle colour of Surdiva® Salmon Pink is a perfect blended tone of pink and orange and gives your garden a tasteful blanket of pastel coloured flowers. Enjoy the delicate and refined touch of Surdiva® Salmon Pink all season and discover the feeling of refinement it gives you when looking at it.

Surdiva® White ’19

Shine bright like a diamond

Surdiva® White adds glamour to your life. It covers your garden in pretty white flowers which makes a shiny bright side to look at. But if you want to add a little colour, you can also mixed these little diamonds up easily with other Surdiva® colours or even other flowers.